The New Channel Islands Dumpster Diver 2 is out!
The idea came when riding the original Dumpster Diver while filming "Out of the Rafters" and tripping out how how tiny and short the Dumpster Diver felt and wanting to build a longer - modernized version.

The DD2 has a wider nose and tail, more nose and tail rocker, and a more subtle single concave. 


These updates, among other tweaks, allow the board to excel in a wider range of conditions and letting your rip as hard as you think you do.

Ride 1" shorter than your Happy Everyday.

Info and orders:

Here the launch video!

Featuring: Dane Reynolds, Britt Merrick, Timmy Curran, Eithan Osborne, Josiah Amico, Sage Erickson, Devon Howard and Sammy Reynolds.
Filmers: Hunter Martinez and Nate Cox
Sound: Taylor Curran
Written by Josiah Amico and Dane Reynolds
Music: School by R.M.F.C.


And here Dane Reynolds shows how it works...

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