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Now available at Surfcorner store, the new board developed by Kelly Slater in collaboration with shaper Mike Woo was presented worldwide on November 20th. It is a twin + 1 performance fish inspired by the shapes of the Great White Shark, a high performance groveler fast in the tubes. Here are all the details!

Black Friday on Surfcorner Store has already arrived! You don't have to wait until the end of the month to take advantage of it, here's what to expect from now until November 30: > Save up to 50% Discounts of up to 50% on...

Squeaking coming from the Thruster mechanism is common and can be solved easily in a few seconds. The squeaking is not dangerous or damaging to your SmoothStar so there is no need to be worried! Unfortunately, we cannot provide this oil with...
  • Spedizione gratuita
  • Spedizione gratuita

    Sopra 80€ di spesa

  • Consegna veloce
  • Consegna veloce

    23 / 48 h

  • Reso merce
  • Reso merce

    entro 30 giorni

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