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7'0" X 22" X 2 7/8" X 47L
7'6" X 22 1/4" X 3" X 53L
8'0" X 22 3/4" X 3 1/8" X 60L

An easy board to ride for all abilities in all conditions, perfect for anyone stepping up from a shortboard or stepping down from a longboard, this is your answer! Wide point forwards for your paddling needs, with flowing curves into a round tail. Relaxed rocker with a very unique foil, packing lots of volume with a low performance rail. Soft 50/50 rails flowing into a sharp tucked edge through the tail. All designed to make this board easy to paddle, fast and smooth whilst trimming with an amazing response when on your rail. The Hull entry and 50/50 rails give the board the ability to easily make turns you didn't think you could make! Flow, glide, down the line speed and maybe most importantly the ability to get it turning from the middle of the board.

Skindog Surfboards Continuing to push surf board design to the next level, Skindog Surfboards have always worked with EPS, carbon fibre and Epoxy resins, so when the opportunity to work with Yu Sumitomo and his Thunderbolt Technologies constructions came about, it was a perfect match which has resulted in some of the most responsive and highest performance longboards in the world. Established in 2008 by Ben “Skindog” Skinner and Jason Gray, the two have been working together on Skindog branded boards for years, building many of Ben’s free-surfing and competition longboards, including those that have kept Ben consistently atop the ASP/WSL rankings for years as an 11X European Longboard Champion with 2nd in the world ranking in 2006, and 3rd in 2015.

In Ben and Jason’s quest to build the best, lightest, most responsive high-performance boards possible, the collaboration between Skindog Surfboard’s and Thunderbolt Technology has created a line of cutting-edge performance longboards available globally, at surf shops everywhere.

Combining Ben’s proven shapes with Yu-san’s ground-breaking Thunderbolt construction, Skindog Surfboards has taken a giant step in the evolution of its board lineup and positioned itself to expand distribution of their unique designs to surfers everywhere.


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